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Flexible Building Products Flexim Roof Mortar

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Flexible Building Products is your source for Flexim roof mortar

Flexim roof mortar is a environmentally friendly, waterproof, and light weight product that works on all different types of roofs. It is a Moldable Synthetic Adhesive Mortar.  For nearly 30 years it is the perfect product to storm-proof a building, and is permanently  flexible. Flexible Building Products distributes Flexim throughout North America.   The product is manufactured in the Netherlands and sold in dozens of countries worldwide. It also comes in a variety of colors such as: red (Terra Cotta), black, grey, dark-brown, light-brown (Rust), green, and blue.  Also Paintable (use oil based paint)

We also carry Flexim Putty knives and Holsters. 

We stock all colors, available for quick shipment. 

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